End Year Resolution

End your 2018 on a hot streak 🔥

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Did you know that about 80% of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer than six weeks? LOL #amateurs

Seriously though, we’ve all been there: we start the new with good intentions whether it’s to lose weight, start exercising or to read more. Yet more often than not, we fail to stick it through.  

Not me, not you, not this time. Not on my watch. 

Who said that we have to wait for Jan 1st to start a resolution?

Rather than a new year’s resolution, I’m starting an end year’s resolution to end the year with a bang and get a head start on 2019.

Why it’ll work

I’m designing the challenge across 3 effective strategies

  • Clear goal. 
  • Simple, consistent action.
  • Accountability. 

How it works

The idea is simple:

  1. Pick on 1 thing you want to work on 
  2. Do it for 31 days running starting on Dec 1st 2018. 
  3. Track and share your progress. 
  4. Keep each other accountable. 

Bada bing ~ Bada Boom ~ 🧨

By Jan 1st 2019 you’ll be entering the new year on a 30-day positive hot streak! How hot? You’ll burn so bright that plants will photosynthesis in your presence. People will literally mistake you for the sun. 


Want to participate? 

Submit your interest here before the 30th Nov 2018. 

Details will follow soon 🙌

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