Update: I gave myself a year in 2018 to experiment with podcasting. There were two things I wanted to work on:

1) I wanted to push myself to ship ideas faster and more consistently

2) improve my elocution (clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.)

While I didn’t hit my original target of publishing 1 episode weekly, I did make meaningful strides in those two objectives. I’m a lot more aware of how I speak today than I was a year ago, although I still cringe when I hear my own voice.

Final stats

– 28 feature episodes
– 26 beta quotes
– 12 work-in-progress episodes
– 77000 + words in my working doc (roughly the length of a mystery novel).

I’ve spent the last few weeks deliberating if this is something I want to continue doing this year and I have been on the fence. Since it’s not a hell yes anymore, I’ve decided to take a hiatus with the podcast as much as I enjoy doing it.

Going forward, I will redouble my efforts toward my writing practice and I hope to share a new post with you soon.

In the final wrap up episode, I share the 25 principles of adult behavior by John Perry Barlow, a list filled with wisdom that’s worth checking out.

Until then, thanks again for listening.

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